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High Capacity Electric Off Road Vehicle

High Capacity Electric Off Road Vehicle
  Electrical System   48V
  Motor: Direct Drive   3.8kW (5.1HP)
  Controller Armature Rating   400A
  Batteries: Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle   8 x 6V
  Battery Charger: Hi-Frequency, On-board Smart Charger   √
  Transaxle: Helical Gears, 12.49:1 Direct Drive Axle   √
 P E R F O R M A N C E
  Maximum Speed   32 km/h (20 mph)
  Range*   75 km (47 miles)
  Turning Radius   3.8 m (12.5 ft)
  Climbing Ability (% Grade) Loaded   20
  Seating Capacity (Including The Driver)   6 Passengers
 C H A S S I S
  Steering: Rack and Pinion   √
  Front suspension: Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber   √
  Rear suspension: Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber   √
  Brakes: Rear Mechanical Drums   √
  Regenerative Braking   √
  Frame: Welded Steel   √
 B O D Y
  Body: Plastic   √
  Roof: Fiberglass   √
  Windshield: Fold-down Tinted   √
 S T A N D A R D   F E A T U R E S
  Rear Facing Seat that Folds Down into a Flatbed Cargo Area   √
  Body Colour Extended Roof   √
  Scorecard and Pencil Holder on the Steering Wheel   √
  Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals with Controls on the Steering Column   √
  Audible Reverse Warning   √
  Automotive Style Dashboard: 4 Cup Holders, 2 Storage Compartments   √
  LED Battery State of Charge Indicator on the Insturment Panel   √
  F/N/R Switch on Dashboard   √
  2WD – 4WD Switch on Dashboard   √
  Side-View Mirrors   √
  Large Bench Seats: Foam Cushion, Synthetic Leather Cover, Tan Colour   √
  Comfortable Armrests   √
  Roof Mounted Grab Handles   √
  Foot Pedal Parking Brake   √
  Automotive Paint with Clear Coat Finish   √
  Floor: Rubber, Non-skid Textured Surface   √
  Functional Front and Rear Bumpers   √
  Front Tow Hook   √
  Aluminum Linear Side Moulding   √
  10" Steel Wheels & 22 x 11-10 6 Ply Tires   √
 D I M E N S I O N S
  Overall Length   385 cm (112.2")
  Overall Width   133 cm (53.5")
  Overall Height   190 cm (74.8")
  Overall Weight (With Battaries)   
  Wheelbase   244 cm (96.1")
  Ground Clearance   25 cm (9.8")
  Front Wheel Tread   85.5 cm (33.7")
  Rear Wheel Tread   97.5 cm (38.4")
  Cargo Bed Length   82 cm (32")
  Cargo Bed Width   107 cm (42.1")
  Cargo Bed Height
SKU SKU17023
Weight 300.00 lbs
Call For Price: 647 787 5249